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Kidney Transplant Post-Surgery

The average length of your hospital stay after receiving your kidney is 5 to 7 days. Discharge will be granted based on positive results of the following:

  • Is your new kidney producing urine?
  • Did you experience any rejection episodes?

Dallas Transplant Institute

After you are discharged from the hospital, you will receive follow-up care at the Dallas Transplant Institute (DTI). At DTI, our medical professionals will examine your health and perform blood tests, as needed, evaluate your medication levels, and report results to your physician. You will visit DTI an average of three times a week for the first several weeks following your transplant. As your kidney function stabilizes, your visits to DTI will decrease. Your physician will determine your appointment schedule based on examination and laboratory results reported. 

Post-Transplant Evaluations

You will be required to have one or two post-perative visits with your Transplant Surgeon for evaluation and progress.

You will need to be seen regularly by a physician as long as you have your transplanted kidney

Dallas Transplant Institute is located at 3604 Live Oak, Suite #100. When you come to the clinic, you will be weighed, have blood drawn, and asked to give a urine sample. One of the nurses will review your medicines and any problems you might have. Then you will be seen and examined by one of the Transplant Nephrologists, Physician Assistants and/or Nurse Practitioners in the clinic. 

Who will take care of me when I return to my home if I am an out-of-town patient?

The physician who referred you for transplant will be responsible for your medical care when you return to your home. At first, you will alternate visits with your physician and DTI physicians. As your kidney function stabilizes, the visits to DTI will become less frequent.

You will be asked to return to DTI at regular intervals or if you experience any health problems associated with your transplant.