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​​​​Referral and Pre-Transplant Surgery Process

The referral process begins when a patient completes and turns in an application form to Dallas Transplant Institute (DTI). When the application is received, a Pre-Transplant Coordinator will be assigned to the patient.

When patients are approved to begin the medical evaluation for transplantation, one of the first appointments will be at the Dallas Pre-Transplant Group located on Viceroy Drive. The patient will be scheduled for an orientation/education session, provided with educational material, and given an opportunity to ask any and all questions. A Pre-Transplant Coordinator will meet with the patient to discuss tests or procedures necessary during the medical evaluation. Patients will be scheduled for a Transplant Nephrologist consultation in the same location. Appointments for social worker assessment, laboratory testing, x-ray and sonograms will be scheduled at DTI located on Live Oak.

We use the American Society of Transplantation (AST) clinical practice guidelines for the valuation of renal transplant candidates and living renal transplant donors. These guidelines were designed to assist the healthcare team in the evaluation process that leads to renal transplantation and in the evaluation process of potential living kidney donors. Although they are very comprehensive, they do not cover every possible situation, since each potential transplant recipient and each potential living donor have unique characteristics that require specific evaluation and intervention.

Every patient's evaluation will include the following:​

  • Transplant Nephrologist Evaluation
  • Transplant Social Worker Evaluation
  • Blood work which will include: Routine Blood Chemistries; Tests to Rule Out Active Hepatitis, Syphilis, and AIDS; Blood-typing and Tissue-typing Tests which will help the Transplant Team Find the Best Possible Kidney Match for You
  • Chest X-Ray, Renal Sonogram
  • Electrocardiogram, TB Test and Stool Test for Blood

Other parts of the evaluation will depend on the patient's diagnosis, age and past medical history. The Pre-Transplant Coordinator will discuss these individually with each patient. 

How long will my evaluation take?

The pre-transplant medical evaluation takes a few weeks or up to several months, depending on the complexity of the patient's medical problems. Cooperation in keeping appointments and responding to requests can greatly reduce the work-up process time.​