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​​​Who Are Candidates for Kidney Transplant?

We consider transplantation to be the preferred treatment for most patients with end stage renal disease (ESRD), regardless of the cause of their kidney failure. Any individual with ESRD is a potential transplant candidate. You do not have to be on dialysis to be evaluated for or receive a transplant.

For some people, a kidney transplant may not be an option due to other medical problems. Some of the most common reasons you would not be eligible for renal transplant include the following:

  • Significant cardiovascular disease
  • Active malignancy or history of cancer within the last five years
  • Alcohol and drug dependency or abuse
  • Psychiatric (Mental) disorders that are not controlled by treatment
  • Non-compliance with medication and physician treatment recommendations
  • Obesity (Overweight patients will be evaluated by the Transplant Surgeon and weight reduction programs may be recommended before the medical evaluation can be initiated or completed.)
  • Severe liver disease
  • Severe lung disease
  • Active infection

Partners in Transplant Care

Annette C. and Harold C. Simmons Transplant Institute works collaboratively with Dallas Nephrology Associates (DNA) to care for kidney transplant patients. DNA is the largest nephrology practice group in the United States, and has been in existence for over 35 years. Dallas Transplant Institute, owned and operated by DNA, opened in June 1981 and provides medical evaluation to patients who are being considered for a kidney transplant at Baylor and also provides follow-up medical care to patients who have received a transplant. 

Dallas Transplant Institute
Dallas Transplant Institute
3601 Live Oak, Suite 100
Dallas, Texas 75204
(214) 358-2300

Dallas Pre-Transplant Group
1420 Viceroy Drive
Dallas, Texas 75235
(214) 358-2300

Dallas Transplant Institute (DTI), located on Live Oak opened in 1981 to provide services to patients requiring transplantation. Since that time it has grown to meet the many needs of transplant patients with a commitment to providing complete services for kidney and kidney/pancreas transplant patients. The Dallas Pre-Transplant Group, a component of DTI, is located at Viceroy Drive where they provide consultation to potential kidney transplant recipients and donors.​