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​​Kidney Transplant Surgery

The actual kidney transplant surgery usually takes two to four hours. The kidney is usually placed in the front on either side of the lower abdomen (pelvis). The area is selected for several reasons:

  • It is easier to connect the tube that carries the urine from the kidney to the bladder (called the ureter).
  • This is the best position for the doctors, nurses, and you to feel the new kidney in determining its size and whether there is tenderness.

Immediately after the surgery, you will be cared for in the transplant intensive care unit. When medically stable, you will return to your room on the transplant floor where you will be cared for by our world-class transplant team. The Baylor transplant team has received specialized training in caring for transplant patients. Members of the team include doctors, nurses, and physician assistants, transplant coordinators, a dietitian and a social worker. A chaplain is also available to provide spiritual guidance to those families that request it.