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​​​​​​Liver and Pancreas Disease Center

Formed in 1998, the Baylor Liver and Pancreas Disease Center at Baylor University Medical Center is designed to provide advanced and comprehensive care to patients with Hepatobiliary and Pancreas diseases. The Center brings together a team of specialists, recognized for their expertise in the field. Since its inception, the Baylor Liver and Pancreas Disease Center has treated more than 1,700 patients. The Center offers expertise in the treatment of liver cancer, pancreas cancer, and bile duct disorders. The specialists involved in treating patients with such disorders offer a multi-disciplinary approach that offers a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan.

As a founding member of the Center, Transplant Services Surgeon, ​Robert Goldstein, MD​, continues to play a major role in its continuing development. The physicians share a commitment to making further advancements in the treatment of liver, pancreas and biliary diseases with the goal of bringing new advances to patient care as quickly as possible.

Physician team members include gastroenterologists, hepatologists, oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, radiation oncologists and surgeons.  These specialists collaborate to provide the multiple resources needed to establish a solid treatment plan that addresses the many issues that can complicate a hepatobiliary or pancreatic issue.

Special services include the following treatment options:

Patient Access

A central referral office handles all calls, letters, and faxes to expedite the referral process and ongoing communication. The Center is staffed by a nurse coordinator, who has extensive training in Hepatobiliary and Pancreas diseases. The nurse acts as a convenient single point of contact, coordinating the various physician consults and procedures, and helps patients manage all aspects of the experience.

Physician team members are always available to discuss difficult cases with referring physicians.

Contact Information

Baylor Liver and Pancreas Disease Center
3410 Worth St., Suite 950
Dallas, TX 75246
Phone: (214) 820-1756
Fax: (214) 818-6580

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